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who are we?

what we do?

By nature, we are all collectors and chroniclers.

To little objects we attach stories, countlessly recounting them. Souvenirs and collectables become our bookmarks, placeholders of different times, people, and places. We turn to them from time to time, rediscovering the joy they bring and in doing so relive the experience.

That was our cue at CAB Experiences. Immersed as we are in everything experience, we decided to take one more creative and brave leap.

Say hello to Roz.

Our brand for beautifully designed, artfully curated, masterfully created products that in an inimitable Cab Experiences way will be much more.

how we do it?

We are curious and inquisitive. We ask a lot of questions to start with. We like to see the brand/product from your eyes. We understand noodled and layered thoughts, we know how to iron them out and solve with love & creativity.


Step 1 – Once we have asked you a million questions, we will come back to you with our understanding, design and material suggestions. Our suggestions will also spread their wings wider than the scope you have defined as we believe that brand stories travel.
Step 2 – Once we all agree and disagree on the aspects of the design, we redesign and come back with a plan to do two rounds of samples in case of a product (physical/digital)
Step 3 – We shall proceed to the final leg of production only once we all are happy with the samples.


We take as much time as a design needs to be functional and conversational. After all, you want people to judge the product from its cover. The process is the story that will always matter and we believe in collaborating in this with you.


Looking forward to building strong partnerships and powerful stories every day.